Meggitt Control Systems

Meggitt Control Systems is a market leader in the design and manufacture of a broad range of fluid control devices and systems for both commercial and military aircraft, as well as various industrial applications. Meggitt Control Systems has been a leading supplier of these products since its formation in 1942.

Meggitt Control Systems' products regulate pneumatic (air), hydraulic(fluid) and fuel flows in aircraft systems and are used in virtually all Boeing (including former McDonnell Douglas) and Airbus manufactured commercial aircraft, many regional jet, general aviation and business aircraft, and a wide range of U.S. and foreign military aircraft. In addition, Meggitt valves are used in aircraft turbine engines built by General Electric, Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney.  The division also manufactures industrial control applications, which include ground fueling devices for airports, valving systems, and fuel skids for land-based gas turbines, off-shore oil platforms,  and petrochemical complexes.

Meggitt Control Systems is recognized by its customers for its ability to respond to tight turnaround schedules. Turnaround time is enhanced by strong in-house engineering skills and proprietary in-house testing facilities, discussed further below. In both the aerospace and industrial product areas, individual products are customized to suit specific applications, providing optimum capability and performance at a very competitive cost. Meggitt Control Systems also provides full system integration support. All products (i.e. each individual unit) are fully tested on-site, in customized facilities which have been developed by Meggitt, to demonstrate performance and guarantee compliance with all certification requirements.

Meggitt Control Systems maintains a close working relationship with key customers such as General Electric, Boeing and various major airlines. These longstanding relationships, combined with a global marketing effort and a distinguished 63-year history in the aerospace valves market, provide strong support for Meggitt Control Systems' continuing success.


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